Arturo V. Hernandez  

Arturo V Hernandez graduated from the University of Florida in 1977 with a major in English literature, and a minor in philosophy.

He then entered graduate school at the University of Miami, as a master in english candidate, and continued in those studies until he was admitted into law school at the Broad Sheppard School of Law, Nova University, Ft, Lauderdale, FL in 1978.

Mr. Hernandez distinguished himself as a student and as an orator in his law school career. In 1978 he reached the finals of his law school’s annual moot court competition. Thereafter he represented the law center in four national and regional moot court competitions, and was the designated ‘swing’ debater on the team. As a result he was awarded his team’s “silver tongue award” as the law school’s top debater. In addition, he served as a moot court director for 3 years.

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