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Arturo V Hernandez graduated from the University of Florida in 1977 with a major in English literature, and a minor in philosophy.

He then entered graduate school at the University of Miami, as a master in english candidate, and continued in those studies until he was admitted into law school at the Broad Sheppard School of Law, Nova University, Ft, Lauderdale, FL in 1978.

Mr. Hernandez distinguished himself as a student and as an orator in his law school career. In 1978 he reached the finals of his law school’s annual moot court competition. Thereafter he represented the law center in four national and regional moot court competitions, and was the designated ‘swing’ debater on the team. As a result he was awarded his team’s “silver tongue award” as the law school’s top debater. In addition, he served as a moot court director for 3 years.

Mr. Hernandez received his Juris doctor degree in 1980. In the same year he was hired by Bennet H. Brummer, Dade County Public Defenders Office for the 11th Judicial District of Florida.

The initiation of Mr. Hernandez’ career as a public assistant defender coincided with the ‘Mariel Boat Lift’ that resulted in a mass sea bound exodus from Cuba of over 150,000 Cubans to the south Florida area. Consequently, Miami soon saw a spiked increase in property and violent crimes.

As a result of the unexpected influx of migrants and the concomitant increase in all types of crimes, young public defenders were quickly promoted up the ranks in order to address the increased felony case load. Mr. Hernandez was one of these and he quickly distinguished himself as one of the most aggressive and caring assistant public defenders. From 1980 to 1983 Mr. Hernandez took to trial many serious cases, including capital, first and second degree murder cases, many of which resulted in acquittals. By 1983 Mr. Hernandez was recognized as one of the up and coming trial lawyers in the Miami-Dade county area.

In 1983 Mr. Hernandez ended his career as an assistant public defender and entered private practice.

Once more he quickly distinguished himself in the private sector obtaining important acquittals in the cases of United States v. Jorge Valdez, State of Florida v. Ernesto Menendez, Case No. F93017272 and United States v. Bretous, Case No.: 00-cr-00248-ASG.

As his reputation for aggressive but ethical advocacy grew, the stature of Mr. Hernandez’s cases grew accordingly.

He has represented some of the highest profile cases in the south Florida area, cases such as United States v. Habibe, Case No.: 93-CR-93572/Ungaro, (one of the largest drug and money laundering conspiracies in U.S. history), United States v. Humberto Hernandez, Case No.: 97-CR-582/Lenard, (a former Miami Commissioner), and more recently, United States v. Santiago Alvarez, Case No.: 05-CR-60307/Cohn, wherein he represented a prominent Cuban American developer charged with conspiracy to possess illegal firearms.

In addition to the above, Mr. Hernandez has been tapped to be lead counsel in several high profile federal indictments around the country . He is lead counsel in Riverside, California in a federal indictment charging possession of the largest private gun cache in the history of the United States.

In early 2007, Mr. Hernandez, scored a victory of seemingly epic proportions in the case of United States v. Luis Posada-Carriles, Case No.: ER-7-CR-008/Cardone, a politically charged and internationally renown case in which he succeeded in getting the government’s indictment against the lifetime Cuban exile militant dismissed.

After more than 100 trials and 27 years of the practice of law Arturo V. Hernandez, is regarded by his colleagues as a top criminal defense attorney. He has received an AV (highest rating) by the prestigious Martindale & Hubbell publication and is a member in good standing of the Florida Bar since 1981, the Southern District of Florida trial bar 1981, the NACDL, FACDL, Cuban American Bar Association, as well as a host of other professional associations.

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